Monday, 23 August 2010

Map Buddy 0.4

Finally, the past week Alban and I released MapBuddy 0.4

As mentioned in my previous post, now MapBuddy supports Point of Interests from OpenStreetMap.
It stores them in a sqlite3 db using its spatialite extension.

We use OSM XAPI, for which sometimes requests fail and it seems to silently ignore requests for large areas.
We are working on it :-)

"Download POIs" in the main menu will download all the OSM POIs in the shown area, which mean that you need just to centre the area for which you want to download POIs for and it will fetch them for you.
This is the only operation that will need network access and might take quite long time, depending of the size of the area. Remember that OSM dislikes very large area fetching. Please be considerate.

This means that if you're planning to have a trip to a city you don't know, what you need to do is cache its tiles at different zoom level just loading them (some improvements for this step are scheduled) and select "download POIs".

Remember to "Show POIs", which will show some of the most interesting categories (OSM features) and select any of them. Amenity and Tourist are among them. Again, improvements are scheduled.

POIs are hidden at wider zoom levels, to improve map readability on high density areas.

Some more improvements are still needed and will be added soon, in particular about speed issues at startup or when finger-scrolling the map with POIs shown and about UI.

Lot of work is still going on in the offline mode direction, a search for POIs, integration with the evopedia package, better tile caching experience, etc...

Last but not least, I'd like to thank Enrico Zini for his great suggestions!

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