Saturday, 22 August 2009

Events Calendar

After a while configuring my calendar service (I used to use my Apple's iCal, moving to Google Calendar) I decided to create e calendar for interesting events.

Anyone wanting to advertise or just notify me about an event can contact me, e-mailing any relevant event's details as
  • Event's full name,with, possibly, official English translation
  • Dates (start/End)
  • Place(s)
  • Official web site (if any) and any other important URL (blog, podcasts, etc.)
  • Small description (also event's related keywords if any)
Alternatively you can send me an iCal invitation/event with the above details already present.

Preferred events will be about Information Technology, the Internet, technologically important, FLOSS related.
Technical, social, philosophical, etc. events will have the same treatment.

A HTML version of the new calendar is here (iCal).

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